The following Terms and Conditions will be effective as of the date ordered and will apply exclusively to contractual and pre-contractual relationships between Acorus Limited, located at Dospat No 46, floor 1, Office 1, Sofia 1463, Bulgaria as acting seller of the products on this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”, “we”, “us”) and you (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”, “you”, “your”) for the purchase of products by the Customer.
The hereinafter Terms and Conditions will supplant and all prior terms and conditions contained in or mentioned in order(s), in post or anywhere, notwithstanding any provisions to the opposing in other terms and conditions. The Seller is able to amend such terms and conditions at their sole discretion. Please review the terms and conditions from time to time to remain apprised of any changes or updates. The Seller will notify you appropriately of any significant changes.

1. Order Placement
The Customer may place an order on the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). The Site is available in English. Prior to placing an order, the Customer should carefully review all input to identify and correct any errors. This should be completed prior to clicking the “place order” button, which finalizes the order. In the shopping cart, prior to placing the order, the Customer may correct errors, review products (including details and pricing), and remove products from their cart.
When the Customer clicks the “place order” button, they agree to enter a binding purchase agreement. The Customer will accept these Terms and Conditions in order to transmit the purchase. Once the purchase has been officially placed, the Seller will provide an email confirmation that the order has been received. This email will contain the details of the order but does not constitute official acceptance of the offer. This notice is intended to inform the Customer their order has been received. The sale shall be considered complete when we have shipped the ordered product. At this time, the Customer will receive a 2nd shipping confirmation order.

2. Product Pricing and Description
The Seller will take the utmost care to keep product pricing, details, and descriptions as accurate as possible when such products are entered into the system. Our site houses a large number of products so keep in mind that it is possible for errors to be made or for a product to have an incorrect pricing or description. Should the correct price of the product be higher than the listed price, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order prior to providing a shipping confirmation. The Seller may also choose to supply the item at the indicated price.

All products are listed in USD and are listed without the cost of delivery charges added. These prices are added prior to the completion of the order.
We strive to keep our Site as updated as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that all descriptions or content are completely accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.

3. Product Delivery
It is the intent of the seller to deliver products within an indicated time period that is within fourteen (14) days for Trackable services and thirty (30) days for Airmail services. These days begin as of confirmation of the order. Please be aware that these times are simply an indication and may not be exact. If delivery should be delayed, the Seller will not be liable.
Unless the delay is caused by the Seller or its supplier, or is caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct, the Customer will not be entitled to contract cancellation or compensation. Should the delivery time exceed fourteen (14) days thirty (30) days, the Customer will be allowed to withdraw from their contract and may be entitled to a refund if payment has already been made.
If the Seller is not able to deliver a product through no fault of their own, such as the supplier not fulfilling their obligations, the Seller will be allowed to withdraw from their contract with the Customer, vis-à-vis. Should this occur, the Customer will be communicated immediately as to the unavailability of the product. At such time, payment will be returned to the Customer within thirty (30) days, beginning from the day after the end of the delivery period.
All orders are shipped by the Seller using trackable services or international unregistered mailing services. When items are shipped, they are insured by the seller until the items have been delivered to the Customer’s address of record.

If for some reason, delivery cannot be completed to the Customer because the product will not fit in the Customer’s entrance door, front door, staircase, or location or if the Customer is unavailable or unable to be found at the address, the Customer will be responsible for the cost of the unsuccessful delivery.

4. Payment Policy
The Seller accepts payment via credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Amex). Credit card details will be processed using SSL (Secured Socket Layer). The Seller is not liable for misuse of information by third parties. When the Customer uses a credit card, you are confirming that the card you are entering and using is your card to use. The agreed upon amount will be debited using the card provided when the Seller has accepted the order.

Should the card issuer refuse to authorize payment to us, delivery will be postponed and you will be contacted. Be advised that credit card holders are subject to validation and authorization checks. Should this occur, the Seller will not be liable for delay or non-delivery.

5. Risk Policy
The Seller shops products to the location provided by the Customer. These details are confirmed in the shipping confirmation and should be reviewed by the Customer. The Customer assumes the risk of loss, damage, or theft of products upon delivery and forward.
The Seller shall not remit any products until complete and final payment is made. This includes the total purchase price as well as any transportation charges that are part of the total cost.

6. Policy of Returns

All returns should be sent to the Seller’s legal address: Dospat No 46, floor 1, Office 1, Sofia 1463, Bulgaria. You will cover all expenses connected to returning products to the sender as part of the agreement. The customer is required to send back the original product in order to avoid Acorus Limited rejecting the return upon receipt. Products should be returned in the appropriate packaging and kept as it was. If the customer has used the product, it is advised that they not place a return request.

7. Policy of Cancellations

The Seller makes their best effort to accept cancellation requests, however if the product has already shipped, the customer will not be allowed to change or cancel their order. While we do try to accommodate all requests, the customer has only a guaranteed cancellation window of 24 hours after the order has been placed. This is the best time to cancel or change an order, as they may not be able to do so after this time.
The Seller recommends that customers carefully review all product details and descriptions before completing their order. Review products, shipping details, and any other information to ensure accuracy. This is the best time to make changes and avoid mistakes. However, if a mistake is made, please inform the Seller as soon as possible so that we can try to correct the order immediately.

8. Policy of Refunds

Should the customer have problems with packaging, products, or the non-arrival of a product, the customer may request a refund from Acorus Limited. We provide credit refunds using a credit transaction receipt. Refunds are issued to the same credit card that initial payment for the product was made by the customer. The refund process typically takes 2-3 days to complete.

9. Website Use Policy

1. Registered Accounts
Each customer may register on our Site with an account. Should you choose to register, your account will have a username and a password, which you create. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain the confidentiality of their username, email, and password details. When you create the account, you accept responsibility for these things as well as any activity that takes place under your account.

You agree that information provided is truthful and accurate when you register for an account. The Seller reserves the right to refuse service to an account as well as to terminate or cancel an account at will, without prior notice if we believe it is in our best interest to do so.

2. Website Access
When you use or access our Site, you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions as stated, as well as any provided instructions for use and special warnings also provided for the Site. You access the website in agreement to act under the law and in good faith with the use of the website.

Use of the Site to disrupt or damage the site or its security measures and content is strictly prohibited. It is unauthorized to use this Site to remit spam email. Our Site may not be used to distribute store, transmit, or destroy materials under the violation of laws and regulations, with the intent or manner to violated copyright, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, or in a manner that is threatening, libelous, or obscene. SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO BE NEGLIGENT OR WILLFUL IN ANY OF THESE ACTS SET FORTH IN THE TERMS AND CONDTIONS, YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES AND LOSSES THAT YOUR ACTIONS MAY CAUSE TO ACORUS LIMITED.

3. Intellectual Property
Intellectual property, such as brands and logos belong to their respective companies. The details for companies listed on our website are used for identification purposes only. This includes names, logos, and other company or product details.
The Site content, which includes but is not limited to, images, text, graphics, buttons, software, and data compilations (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”), is the property of Acorus Limited. All details are protected by international copyright laws.

The content, trademarks, and any other portion of the Site may not be duplicated, copied, reproduced, sold, resold, modified, or exploited in any way, without first receiving written consent for such action. Requests for permission may be sent either by email or in writing. Inquiries may be sent in writing to the address provided in the “Contact Us” details below.